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Monday, October 12, 2015

memories; time; laughs; stars; all for HIM

where do the hours go? how about the week? no lets say the month? really only 10 more Fridays before Christmas? I just don't know how this is? BUT we have created and made a lot of memories and prayerfully point to HIM. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Girls had a full summer. Church had a kids camp Summergize. Destiny loved!!!! Trisha volunteered with little kids and I helped in kitchen and different spots. Archie, kids pastor went over the top with this camp. Just two weeks later Trisha had WKND . Great time with teenagers!!! She really started bonding that weekend with others. It has been hard for these two to somehow enter the "inner circle". Alot of things supposedly that would be a hindrance but I don't think so. I can see how God has been working it out slow and easy. Sorting and sifting the "waters". I only want the friends that will glorify Christ in their lives. I know, I know, we live in this world but really we are really sojourners. We really are visitors so I don't want them "comfortable" with this world (people) but still want them to impact Jesus for this world. So yeah I see how He is sifting and sorting. Trisha's youth pastor is the greatest. Gus and his wife, Leah. They have made such an impact in her life!!!! God has poured His love into these girl's lives with different surroundings and people. They have really matured and their faith has greatly increased. My sweet friend Dale shared her house with all those teenagers. Her pool and the lake!! The kids will never forget the WKND. For sure I won't nor will Trisha.

Summer has ended and voila here is Autumn. Lovely time of the year. God has been so faithful with all the things that have broke down this year and all the extra's that have had to be made. Not quite sure where the money came from but somehow He covered me and still tithe and mission tithe? From house, to golf cart, to truck, to school books, you name it! What a year. But what a Blessed Year!.

His word for me, BELIEVE. Sounds simple but really do you believe? Believe He put those things in your heart and wait for the fruition of it? Many times, I thought I believed but many times well I didn't. So yes went to the attorney in faith, that again I would have the $1,500.00 it would cost to adopt the girls plus believing no obstacles. Believe I would have all the resources necessary to homeschool these girls. Believe that I would be able to give them birthday gifts and clothes and shoes and all that and be "hip" with their stuff. Yes believe was a big word for me this year.

God you are good and You are good all the time!!! I love you Lord. May I grow closer, stronger and more wise in You.

Your faithful servant.
(can't download any pictures and don't know why or how, one of the two) so only words

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where in the world has time gone?

Looking at my dates and realize my last writing was Christmas!! Christmas 2014. Unbelievable? One year of homeschooling completed check! One winter done check! Spring gone check! And now summer. One is fastly approaching 10 and the other eek 13. Both have grown in more ways than you are willing to read about. Mostly their relationship with Christ and realizing His love for them, no matter what. We have had some major breakdowns, major blowups, major improvements and major adjustments but above all they can count on Him, this as their Home and Me as their Memaw. God has opened so many doors in assistance. From my church, to friends of a friend, to Social Security and even a little of Food Stamps. All of it a blessing!! He has made a way when really didn't know if a way could be made.
getting all doodied up for Easter play to
to sewing our valentines ;
to grandkids visiting from Florida and all in my little itty bitty house. All I can say is God is Good and all the time! Trust in the Lord with all your heart; lean not to your own understanding and He will guide your paths!!