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Thursday, July 17, 2014


i sit here. lay down. sit up. eat a bowl of ice cream. go get chips and a coke. sit. watch tv. oh i'm busy with a lot of things but i find i'm looking at the clock and watching time. why? the girls should have been with me by now. because of a lie by a social worker it has been delayed. oh they will be here and my heavenly Father knew this and is looking for my response. i'm still looking at the clock and watching and waiting. oh i'm busy with a lot of things (repeat). i'm so very grateful they are with a foster family that truly loves them and is teaching them about you Lord!
their room is complete now they just have to add their personal little stuff.
i'll just wait and sit here and eat chips and a coke. i'll get that ice cream in a minute.
in the mean time i will serve the Lord as i'm waiting. Jaybird springs camp again this weekend. so exciting to see kids/youth enjoy each other and have a great time while worshiping our Lord and Savior. each camp has been so very faithful in having special times of devotions, bible studies, and activities honoring our Lord. next time i write prayerfully i'll have the girls. PTL Praise the Lord