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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Chapter of old book called Life

friday, yes friday i will picking up two new (family-) girls down in central florida and they will be coming back with me to georgia. these two will be mine. yes i know. did you say "aren't you 64"?. why yes i am. aren't these girls 12 and 9? why yes they are. two girls that my sister didn't want but you know the devil does things like that. she isn't the devil but she has allowed evil ways into her backyard. she doesn't even realize the evil is lurking. their precious young mama died 3 years ago and these girls never had the opportunity of grieving for their mother. dad took parts of their lives that wasn't his. almost destroyed them. but they are mine now.
and like my other grandkids i pray i don't smother them to death. i do that you know. smother. had my children and my grandkids say mom "it's ok, we are ok, we can do this". smothering is another word for not "trusting" our Lord. Lord give me wisdom to have knowledge and understanding of things of this life that you have given me!. i've got my homeschool books but that doesn't mean anything, lol. i have to know how to use them also, ha. oh i pray they come to love these dirt roads. love the scent of the many pine groves. love picking and canning tomatoes. hunting and pecking for blackberries. gathering chicken eggs everyday. i pray they love the simple things but most of all love our Big God with all their heart, soul and body!!!!. cannot wait to snuggle with them. lie on the couch together and read. sit by the fire together with them and roast marshmallows. can't wait. i love you trish and destiny. thank you breann.

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