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Saturday, December 27, 2014

the little things do matter most of the time

so you see that hair? the picture in the middle. i forgot to comb it! kids opened their gifts and i forgot to comb it! part of family, the ones that live up here, came over for dinner, i forgot to comb my hair! But I did remember the next day when the oldest and I started out on our trail ride. A trail ride that lasted from 9 in the morning until 9 that night. 10 stores later, 15 bags later, and 120 miles later but I remembered my hair. We had to spend all her Christmas money that day. really this was one of the best Christmas for me. THe girls said it was for them. Maybe that's why it was for me? Dinner was perfect. We ate and then the big kids, we went outside by fire and sat there for almost 4 hours. Girls and Trevor
, that is trevor in the black, (lol) stayed inside and played with their "toys". littlelist one loved her DS, she played all day yesterday on it while at her Aunt Brandy's. My son had a Christmas tree up, presents underneath, and repairing the house!!! But most of all it was the month leading up to Christmas, Advent. We here at this house, everyday read the daily reading of Advent by Ann Voscamp of Holy Experience. Hung our Advent ornament. Read a prayer for that day (besides our daily prayers). Everyday we had an excursion to attend or prepare. To think He was a baby. A baby to hold, hug, kiss. Kiss His (that baby) feet, kiss His hands. As He cried, hold Him. He wants us to do that today and He came as a child but is God. Emmanuel. God with us. May my kids, the kids I raise, the kids that you gave me late in life, may their hearts, may my heart, always be tender toward the things of You!!! I love you Lord and You are my life and whatever is left over is my kids.
woman at the well. that was me and today I drink from The well.

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