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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

you are an author

reading different tweets, instagram, facebook and emails; it came to me that we each have a story and we each are an author! beginning is important, middle exciting, tense, sad, burdensome, and to the top of the moon and back but the end. yes the end is what is the most important. those that endure the race to the end. will your book tell of you enduring the race to the end?
this is the middle. preparing their room. a room that will be a sanctuary for them from a life of dungeon, abuse, not belonging.
God your Word is explicit. you, that is me, is worse than an infidel if i do not take care of my own. give me your wisdom, your understanding, your knowledge, in raising these girls my new two girls. they are mine. i've always been selfish with my kids. they are mine but really on loan. Lord may these two be your handmaidens. may they be world changers for Your Kingdom.
i love you Lord.