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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Isaiah's Words

Trying to savor the moments and create memories for them and me. They are proof that God restores what the canker worm tried to eat and make beauty from ashes. My children's lives turned upside down in their teen years by someone I trusted and they had every right to trust. Today though as with my grandchildren, my children are new  creations. So very grateful for God's great mercy and great grace. The season is here for new growth. In all areas. The fields are being turned in dirt and in body. Fertilizer being spread. We delve deep into God's Word for nourishment. Sun shines brightly begging the seeds to look upward. Our precious Holy Spirit shining brightly directing us upward to our heavenly Father.

my neck of the woods
love bubbling creek

love bonfires
yeah they are hotshots
always excited meeting up

Won't be long and these two will go back to their home. Memories will be treasured and savored and counted! Little One said he needed this "a little bit of Georgia--little bit of woods and dirt roads". Older one always the protector. Fine young man. Memories--surround me every day! Memories--

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